Vieša JAV istoriko dr. Jason Steinhauer paskaita "Fake History and Media Literacy"

18191470 1764809456879550 100175896 n2017 m. gegužės 3 d. 9-11 val. Vilniaus universiteto Istorijos fakulteto 332 auditorijoje įvyks vieša JAV istoriko dr. Jason Steinhauer paskaita "Fake History and Media Literacy".

 Paskaita ir diskusija vyks anglų kalba. 

 Trumpa paskaitos anotacija:

“Our era of fake news has also seen a rise in fake history – and through the Internet, social media and today’s numerous communication platforms, it is increasingly difficult to separate good history from bad, sound scholarship from shibboleth. Historians today are wrestling with this new media landscape. Historians are attempting to learn how to bring good history to audiences beyond the academy using new platforms, while also educating citizens on what makes for good history and what distinguishes it from narratives about the past that seek to advance a political or ideological agenda. This moment requires a renewed form of media literacy: one that empowers historians to understand the complexity of today’s media forms while simultaneously instilling a historical literacy in contemporary audiences that allows them to understand the complex ways in which the past can be wielded as either a positive or negative force in society.” 

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