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Post-War Mass Housing as Heritage Site
Vilnius University (Lithuania) 
08 to 10-06-2022 / CA MCMH-EU 18137

The deadline is Friday, May 27th, 2022

Training school “Post-War Mass Housing as Heritage Site” is aimed at PhD students in the field of architecture and humanities (heritage studies, history, art history, sociology, anthropology, etc.) interested in research and preservation of modernist heritage and post-war mass housing in particular. The three-day long training school will be based on lectures, site visits and discussions (readings). Lazdynai mass housing estate (1963–1969) in Vilnius is chosen as a case study.
The training school is a part of COST Action CA18137 “Middle class mass housing (MCMH)”
The school is coordinated by Vilnius University, Faculty of History, prof. Marija Drėmaitė.
Invited trainers: Lidwine Spoormans (TU Delft), Viltė Janušauskaitė (Vilnius University)
Vilnius university will accept up to 12 international students. Up to 10 local students will join on site. The certificate of 1,5 ECTS credits will be provided. COST Action will reimburse travel, accommodation and meals. Applications with your research topic (PhD title, institution, supervisor) and one paragraph description should be sent by 27 May (Friday) to 
Selected participants will be informed by 30 May (Monday).
Siekdami užtikrinti jums teikiamų paslaugų kokybę, Universiteto tinklalapiuose naudojame slapukus. Tęsdami naršymą jūs sutinkate su Vilniaus universiteto slapukų politika. Daugiau informacijos