VilniusEuropean Summer Academy in Vilnius

Organized by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German Academic Scholarship Foundation), Vilnius University and EHU

Date: August 08th-16th 2022, Vilnius.

Working language: English.

Target Group: Advanced Bachelor, Master and Doctoralstudents from Vilnius University and the European Humanities University

Program of the European Summer Academy Vilnius 2022


  • Dr. Alexander Mionskowski ()
  • Vera Dzyadok ()

2018, Fotograf©Olaf_Tamm_Hamburg_Germany, Koppelsberg, Ploen, Sommerakademie, Studienstiftung des Deutschen VolkesFollowing the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes has decided to re-locate a bi-national summer academy that was due to take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, and come to Vilnius instead. Cooperation partners for this summer academy are Vilnius University and the European Humanities University.

The reason for choosing Vilnius is the city's special geographical location and eventful history, its multi-ethnicity and multi-confessionalism, and its significance as the lost "Jerusalem of the North". This place of historically proven tolerance offers many points of contact for reflecting together on the present, past and future of our togethernessin Europe.

The academy’s goal is to enter into dialogue with international students on different issues of contemporary Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to its own scholars, the Studienstiftung therefore cordially invites students of both Vilnius University as well as the EHU. During the joint activities in four international and transdisciplinary working groups, in plenary session, site visits, excursions etc. there will be numerous opportunities to exchange ideas, and work from multiple perspectives – among each other as well as with social and scientific actors from the region and both partner universities. International students are invited to participate not only in the programme activities, but also to all joint meals in the evenings as well as to a weekend trip to Kaunas and.

20180823-_OTA0288Studienstiftung_Sommerakademie2018_Foto_Olaf_Tamm-s.jpgThe Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes awards scholarships to exceptionally gifted students and doctoral candidatesfrom Germany or studying for degrees in accredited programmes and institutions of higher education in Germany. Currently it supports about 12.900 students and 1.100 doctoral candidates, providing with its scholarships funding as well as a broad range of educational programmes,such as summer schools, conferencesfor doctoral students,seminars.

Master and Doctoral studentsfrom Vilnius University and the EHU can apply for one of the following four working groups (14 hours scheduled):

If you are interested in participating in the Summer Academy and one of the four working groups, you are warmly invited to contact the coordinators Dr. Alexander Mionskowski  (VU) and Vera Dzyadok, (EHU). With your application please provide a short bio, indicating your field ofstudy,semester and furtherinformation as well as a brief letter of motivation, indicating, among other things, which of the four working groups you are applying for. The application deadline is May 15th. The selection of participants will take place no later than May 16th, all applicantsthen notified immediately.

Photo by: Joseph Krpelan ( by: Joseph Krpelan (

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